Friday, November 16, 2012

Nov 15


Thursday 15th November, 2012

What wotten weather the Wover has been having the last two days!! It has been colder than normal (low 50s), windy and rainy so the journey has gone slowly but w/o problems. Because of the weather all our paper towels in the upper cabin got wet. So, Gary hung them up to dry. No-one can say the Johneys are spendthrifts. In fact you might say we are cheap, I mean frugal. Gary says it's 'cos we are retired!! He will have me washing out the toilet paper next!!!!

We spent the night just outside of Charleston, SC in a creek called Swinton. We had strong winds and a heavy current requiring us to put out two anchors, the usual one at the front of the boat and a second one at the back of the boat. Throughout the night you could hear the waves slapping against the boat. When we woke in the morning we had been pushed into the marshes at the side of the creek . Luckily, we were still in deep water and had no problem getting the boat back into the main stream due to leaving at high tide.

We have passed through Charleston Harbour where we saw an aircraft carrier turned into a museum. Gary is threatening to stay there on the way home. I am telling him we have not got time as he takes ages to go through museums. Me, I read fast and get through quickly. Dear Gary reads all the small print and finishes hours after me. Maybe there will be some gardens nearby that I can visit

We also passed a couple (Linda, that is two!!!) of dolphins. Unfortunately, they spent most of the time barely surfacing above the water so, in fact they looked like sharks, maybe they were!!!!! Gary dodged a couple of dolphins in the harbour thinking they were logs.

Again, we have passed some lovely homes on the banks of the waterway. We saw that they had to have very long peers due to the marshes at the side of the waterway. Boats were lifted out of the water by at least 5 feet due to the exceptionally high tides they experience.

The journey is proving to be quite relaxing. If the waves subside a little more I am going to attempt to write my Christmas Cards. David, I think you would enjoy this. We miss you and wish you were here.


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