Saturday, November 17, 2012

November 16th, 2012

I saw three ships come sailing by!!

Happy birthday to Gary (hubby) and Chuck (friend) "twins" separated by one year and different mothers.

Again, another rather miserable day. No sun, heavy waves at times. Because we have had so little sun the solar panels on the boat have not been of much use so we have been using the generator. I think it is the fourth day w/o sun. The temps are approx 20 degrees below normal so we are wearing jackets (me) and sweaters (Gary). Because it is the captain's birthday we are planning on stopping earlier today and anchoring in a marina. I have to do my laundry, grocery shop and clean the boat up a little (I do not like clutter - did you read that David?). Tonight we hope to go ashore at south of Savannah for a nice meal to celebrate the birthday boy gaining another year.

The cat has amazed me. She has really settled down nicely. She can even tolerate some of the larger waves now w/o retreating and going down stairs. Touch wood, Gary does not seem to have had any problems with her (he is allergic to cats, so is our son). Let us hope the journey continues in this way.

We have had a nine foot tide today which is the highest we have seen since leaving home.

 I had a laugh last night. Gary had to dock the boat in rather a tight area. He had been given directions by 'phone which dock to use so knew where to go once he reached the marina. A man came out to help us with the docking but Gary did not need it. The man complemented Gary on how  well he "parked" the boat. After he left, Gary said sheepishly that he was not trying to park in the spot we were in, the wind had blown him into this dock. So we had a good wind not an ill wind!! Gary said he was very glad there was not a boat in the spot already.

We went  to a seafood restaurant for dinner. Unfortunately, there was not much to choose from - shrimp, crab, oysters and chili. Gary is allergic to shrimp and crab so decided to have the oysters which took a lot of hard prodding and poking to open.  I had the chili which I enjoyed.

FYI we stayed at Savannah Bend Marina last night on the Wilmington River south of Savannah.


  1. Happy New Year Margaret and Gary.
    Enjoy that warm Florida weather. Aunt and Uncle are awaiting your contact.
    Miss you..Take care, Doris

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