Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 11th, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day to all Veterans. Thank-you for dedication to your country(ies).

Shrimp boats are a coming, there'll be dancing tonight!!!

Today was uneventful except I got to lay in this morning. Gary got up first as usual and let me stay in bed for an extra hour. Lovely.

The day was again, perfect. Very little waves, lots of sun and not much wind. We travelled through the Pungo River,  Pamlico River, Neuse River and then made our first navigational error. We (the Royal We) missed the creek we should have turned into by 5 miles which to us was one hour of travelling. Therefore, we had to retrace our track to find the right creek, Adam's Creek. We passed several docked shrimp boats and one going out to sea to fish. I took some photos of them. I would like to have seen one with its nets being cast but no such luck.

Because of the navigation error we were now behind schedule and would have to find somewhere to anchor after the sun had set. I took a couple of nice sunset pictures before we found a place to anchor for the night. That turned out to be quite difficult as we could not see the channel markers or observe much in the creek that we were to anchor in. It probably took us at least 30 mins to find a place to anchor safely. Poor Gary, I am glad he was at the helm. I always get  the anchor to see to.

I thought I would give you some info about our boat. It is a 36 ft long, 15 foot wide powered catamaran. The make is Endeavor and they are made in Florida. We motor at approx 8-9 miles per hour on one 170hp engine. We have 2 engines but alternate using them to save wear and tear. We can sleep 4 with comfort, 6 with a squash. We have two bathrooms, one with a shower. The cat has claimed one bedroom, luckily not the one we use. We also have a galley and a sitting area. The boat is fairly roomy except when Gary and I need to pass each other in the galley area. When that happens we have to suck in our breaths. We have a TV but have been unable to get any TV channels due to poor reception. Thus, we have been watching DVDs I purchased prior to the trip.

We are anchored in Swansboro for the night. We guess we have another day of travelling through North Carolina.


  1. Hi Garry & Margaret, we are following your Blog with Interest. We do envy you on your great adventure and will be plotting your route with the aid of Google Earth and a map of North America.
    Take care me Hearties! Steve & Jackie.

  2. Margaret & Gary,

    My friend's home is in walking distance of where you entered Adams Creek on the Neuse River, to navigate through the inter-coastal waterway via Beaufort and Morehead City, NC. Trudy and I spent a lot of time camping, fishing, and swimming in this area. Small world, hu!

    Jim & Trudy