Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November, 13 th, 2012

Rule Britannia, Britannia Rules the Waves, KNOT!!!! (Thank-you Chris and Angie!!).

We passed Myrtle Beach today which has many inlets from the Inland Waterway to the ocean. As you pass each inlet the flow of water varies. If the tide was coming in, we were slow going up to the inlet. As we passed the inlet we would speed up due to the tide pushing us on. The difference was sometimes as much as 4 mph which to us was a tremendous difference. Today, we had to battle the tide which varied as much as 5 feet.

Gary was a bad boy today so I had him swab the deck. Only joking - he is in fact cleaning the anchor area which can get the deck very muddy
To the golfers out there - Myrtle Beach is know for its 120 golf courses. Yes, it is golf heaven. We passed several courses next to the waterway. At one point we passed golfers looking for a ball in the "rough" and, man was it rough. We also passed a golf course that had its parking area on one side of the waterway and the golf course on the other side of the waterway. To get across you had to ride the aerial tram across the water. We saw two trams going overhead.

We passed a poor shrimp boat lying on its side. It must have been like it for quite a while as it was rusty and the shed it was lying next to quite derelict.  We also passed a huge boat storage rack which I thought was quite interesting.

I am continuing to enjoy the water birds. We took a photo of cormorants, pelicans on a sand bar near to the ocean (we did not enter the ocean), heron and ospreys. The cormorant I have here was drying out his wings due to having no oil in them to repel the water. He is a diver so needs to be able to go below the surface of the water.

We have been asked a question "what has taken the most adjusting to?". I would say going up and down the steps to get from one level of the boat to the others. We have three levels with rather steep steps. Both our knees feel the strain at the end of the day.  Gary says it has been having to get up early (6am) after retiring in March. We, (I) am also losing track of days. I thought today was Tuesday, 14th November. It is, of course the 13th November. 

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