Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fishing Bay Harbor

November, 6th 2012.

OK, so we were up for sunrise today even though sunrise was not very spectacular. We got going early to beat the weather as a nor'easter was expected on the east coast of the US. Well, the weather let us down as the waves were high and rough and the ride was very bumpy. The Captain attempted to beat the weather by crossing to the eastern shore so that the boat ran with the waves but the wind direction changed several times causing the first mate and the cat to take to lower quarters. The cat howled and yowled and the first mate howled and yowled as the boat traversed 4ft waves. Anyway, we arrived safely on the western shore in Virginia at Fishing Bay Cove where we were to spend 2 nights in a Marina because of the nor'easter. The Marina had showers and washing machines plus electric so we were able to use their electric and not the generator. This made for a quieter night's sleep for all. The cat did not like the day at all so I took her for a walk on her leash and in her harness when we were docked and would you believe she slipped out of the harness and ran away from me. Panic stricken I ran after her and managed to catch up with her to pick her up and take the naughty kitty back to the boat with her heart and my heart pounding.

November 7th, 2012.

A down day in the shelter of the Marina. The weather turned out to be better than forecast but still had high winds. Gary and I decided to organise the boat better, put stuff away that had fallen off shelves yesterday and do odd jobs needed around the boat. The cat slept most of the day, escaped once when Gary left the door open and headed for the front of the boat meowing “I'm free”. Not for long as I collared her quickly before she decided to jump to shore and run for the woods.
With the boat clean, organised and a nice hot meal fixed for supper, Gary and I had a nice evening watching a movie and sipping a Baileys.
The weather is supposed to be more congenial tomorrow so we are up again at 6am for an early start and hope to make Norfolk, Virginia.

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  1. Glad to hear you survived the storm. Hopefully the rest of the journey will be event free of catastrophes (when mia runs away). Bad pun. <3 you both. Miss you already.