Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sad News

We were without Internet access for several days after entering Canada, until we arrived in Montreal. We decided to stay in the Marina in the center of the city and prepare for the arrival of our friend Alan from England.

Unfortunately one of our worst fears for the trip occurred and Mia died the first night in Montreal.  It was preventable and due to a series of poor decisions, mistakes and unknown causes.  We blame ourselves for her passing.

This has been a very very difficult time for Margaret, Luckily Alan's arrival has distracted her some from the pain of the loss.  We have taken measures to remove visual reminders for the present.

Mia was over 16 years old and our decision to take here with us on the journey was for fear that she would do better with us than without us and could not think of her passing without us near by.

While I am sure some may care to help ease Margaret's feelings. I ask that you refrain from asking details as it will only bring up our very sad moment.

Margaret hopes to return to her blog soon, we left Montreal on Tuesday, heading for Ottawa.

Thanks Gary Johney

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