Thursday, July 18, 2013

Canada 2

We left Montreal and headed SW towards many locks. The Canadian locks are mostly all hand cranked usually by students working at a summer job except this one.
 This lock (Carillon) was huge. You can just see a boat pulling out in the bottom right hand corner. The end we are looking at had a 200 ton guillotine gate that dropped down and enclosed you in this huge chamber. The chamber then filled up slowly to transfer the boat up or down 65 feet. It was quite an experience. 
 The gate is now down and the lock keepers ready to fill the chamber.

                                   T'other end of lock slowly filling up.
The next photo is  a series of 8 locks as you enter the capital, Ottawa.
                                            Looking up at the 8 locks.
                                         Looking down at the 8 locks.
It took about 2 hours to get through the 8 locks with lots of people watching. The locks are at the beginning of the Rideau Canal which was built by mostly Irish immigrants to raise or lower boats 79 feet. Unfortunately, many of them died so a cross has been erected in their memories.
Ottawa was an interesting capital. We went to a light show displayed on the side of their parliament building telling the history of Canada. It was very interesting and extremely well done. I did not take my camera so cannot show you any photos. You must see it for yourselves. It should not be missed.
The following morning we went to see the changing of the guards. I have never see the changing of the guards in London so this was smashing to observe.
Like my Mum, I love to hear a pipe band. Probably because we sing like that!!! Sorry, Mum, I did say we.

 This photo looks like the guards are either doing the okey-kokey or scratching their behinds. They are actually placing the bayonet from their guns into a fob on the back of their belts.
 This chappie looks as though he is blowing his nose when, in fact he is inspecting the barrel of the guards' guns.
This is the back of the parliament building as seen from the river. It is also the building the light show was projected onto but on the other side. 
 This is a very famous hotel where visiting dignitaries and movie stars stay. Needless, to say we did not stay there but we did stay on the river within site (just) of the hotel.
 These two photos show the Ottawa River looking towards Hull, now called Gatinea. I do not know when the name changed.

                            We parked the boat just this side of the bridge.
Whilst boating along we passed his "boat". I think it was bought from Home Depot/B&Q.
If you look closely you can see vinyl fencing, a vinyl flower arch and trellis. I am not sure what the paddle wheel was made of.
Getting back to the Canadian Locks. Some of them were so prettily landscaped I had to take photos. I believe the lock keepers take care of the landscaping.

I took a couple of nice close-ups of flowers, frog, and bugs.

I spoke with a man and a boy who were fishing to ask what they were hoping to catch and what they were using for bait. The man was using a rubber frog and the boy a metal bug looking thing with like a snow plow on the front for skimming the float over the water. They were hoping to catch fresh water trout but had no luck whilst I was there.

Here are a couple of reflection pictures.

Well, that's all folks for tonight.

Kingston Rover Great Loop Map

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