Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 22nd, 2013

Well, here I go again. Where do I start?

We stayed in Catskill, NY for 2 days to do some general over hauling of the boat and to get the boat ready for entering Lake Champlain and Canada. There are strict rules regarding pets and sewage. The cat is taken care of as we have with us paperwork to say that she has had all her shots, especially the rabies.
Now as to the sewage, we have to disconnect all overboard pump outs, flush out the line, cut it and put in a bung. We had the main toilet (we have 2) pumped out while at the marina so whilst on the Hudson Gary starts to work on the bungs. However, he hits a snag. While cleaning out the port toilet (the one we hardly ever use) he finds that it is full of water. He cannot get the water to drain. So, what does he decide to do - blow into a hose that he had inserted into the pump out hole and guess what happened? You are right, it blew back at him and his shoes, socks and lower half of his legs got covered with water and s--t!!!! I was such a darling wife that not even a smile crossed my lips. I didn't dare in case he threw me overboard.

Whilst in Catskill we used our bikes to bike 2 miles each way to get groceries. You would not believe how much we carried in 2 bags, 1 backpack (thanks Mum and Dad for this) 2 bicycle paniers/saddle bags plus our baskets on the handle bars. This, too did not go according to plan as Gary chain broke again. So back to the marina we went to get our spare chain and to learn how to put it on a 21 speed bike. After an hour we were ready to try again. On the way to the supermarket I took some photos of ornamental cats placed along Catskill's high street. There were a couple of dogs also but when the town is called CATSkill it should just have been cats don't you think?

We left Catskill to travel up the Hudson towards Canada. We passed a suspension bridge with three workers working on one of the cables. Rather them than me.

I am not sure what the above building is. It was certainly imposing.

There were also some interesting looking lighthouses in the middle of the river. These are for you, David!!

Further upstream we passed an old ship but could not find any info on it. We wondered if it was the ship that Henry Hudson used to sail to New York in 1609 (well, not THE ship but a replica). There was no name on her as we passed.
The blog is short and sweet or in Gary's case stinky today. We get ready to go into the Champlain Canal tomorrow with its 11 locks. That sounds like a "lock" of fun.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I have been asked what happened to my camera when I was dunked near Liberty the other day. The camera I had with me was waterproof and attached and tucked inside my life jacket. So, luckily I did not lose my expensive camera that I use mostly for my photography.

 Kingston Rover Loop Map

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