Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Here we go again for the second time. For some reason the last blog I typed was not saved.
After three rough days both on the Atlantic Ocean and the Inland Waterway we have arrived in New York. We spent last night within sight of Coney Island making it an easy run in the morning to view Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.
On the Atlantic Ocean we had five feet waves causing me to seek lower ground
- my bedroom, whilst Gary did the driving. Luckily, unlike me he can tolerate the rough seas.

We had several thunder storms and saw lightening hit an antenna at a theme park. I am glad it hit the antenna and not us although Gary assures me that the lightening would pass through the boat. Passing through New Jersey we saw several homes that were either damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Sandy last October. It made me wonder if the people had no insurance to fix their homes or they were having to wait their turn because of all the damage the storm caused.

We only live 200 miles south of this area so it made me realise how lucky we were that the storm hit further north of us. My heart goes out to the people who lost relatives or their homes or both.
This morning we motored in to New York to see Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We had to share the river with some awfully big boats, fishing boats and several ferries.
I do not know how the men avoided getting their lines tangled up or how the boat was able to stay upright.

We had a nice view of the Manhattan skyline with the new World Trade Center. It is now the tallest building in the United States being 1776 feet to commemorate American independence from the British. It made the Empire State building seem quite small in comparison.
The Statue of Liberty was still closed to the public following damage from Hurricane Sandy. We got a nice view of her from the water. We also passed Ellis Island where the immigrants of long ago had to pass through to get into the United States. Not me, I had to go through Dulles. We visited Ellis Island years ago with David and I could feel the tension, nervousness, anxiety of the thronging immigrants wondering if they would be allowed in to this great country or whether they would be sent back home because they were sick. I have had these feelings once since and that was at the Alamo in Texas. I could sense the fear and anguish of the soldiers who were defending the Alamo. It was that oppressive I had to leave the Alamo building and go visit the gardens. Now you all know I am weirder than you thought I was!!!

Railway station from where the immigrants would travel to all over the States.
Well, have I a story to tell you. My dear husband wanted a photo of the Kingston Rover and the Statue of Liberty in one photograph. This meant one of us would have to go in the dinghy to take the photograph. Guess which one of us was selected. Yep, you are right - moi, myself, me!!! Well, I get into the dinghy wearing my life jacket (I am not a good swimmer) and get cut loose by Gary. The idea is the current will take me past the boat with Liberty in the back ground. I take my photos then dear Gary comes back for me. He tells me he will tow me to calmer waters which will help me get from the dinghy to the boat. Right!!!! Well, I was towed sideways for approx 30 secs when I felt the dinghy tilting in towards the rear of the boat. The waves from the boat were hitting the dinghy and turned it upside down and me into the drink. The water was cool but not cold, my glasses luckily stayed on my head and I did not swallow half of the water around Liberty Island. Gary had seen me fall so turns around to pick me up. Unfortunately, the current was so strong it took me into the prohibited zone around Liberty so the boat could not come in and get me. I also lost an oar from the dinghy which was floating quicker than I was. "Get the oar" shouts Gary. Hmmm, his priority was the oar, was it? Well, I managed to get the oar, tucked it into my life jacket and started to swim for the boat. Have you ever tried to swim with an oar tucked into your life jacket???? It is not easy and against the current. After hours!!!!! of trying to swim to the boat where my husband is nice and dry and watching me he decides I (or maybe the oar) needs help so gets into the now right side up dinghy and with one oar paddles to me very, very slowly. We decide I would never be able to climb in the dinghy so he suggests I hold onto a rope (after he has taken the oar!!!!) and he will tow me back. Well, again the current was too strong so I had to assist by trying to swim. Anyway, we made it back to the boat safe and sound hoping the photos I took were good enough. If they were not, I told him "you can do them yourself" not in quite those words though. The photos turned out to be OK although Gary complained that some of them only showed part of the boat.
Me, nice and dry!

Me, before being cast off.

Me, after being dunked, dragged and rescued!!
All for these photos!!

Shouldn't the pilot be at the helm of his boat!

Kingston Rover Map



  1. I'm sure Dad will volunteer to take to the dingy when its time to take photos of the boat with the Florida Keys in the background. Glad you had a great time in NYC.

  2. It’s too bad that the Statue of Liberty was still closed. Then again, it may be dangerous, what with the previous damage of Sandy and the upcoming storms. I think the unrepaired houses are those that their previous owners didn’t bother repairing but just moved out. It’s too bad, but who can blame them? If you had to suffer through that every time there’s a big storm, I’d probably move too.

    Lino @ Arrys Roofing

  3. It’s sad to see abandoned houses on such good areas. People should really take into consideration their location and the weather conditions in the area when making their houses, as to reinforce for possible calamities or the occasional expected weather problems.

    Herb Koguchi @ Kroll Construction

  4. I hope the owners of those houses come back to repair them. Shame to waste good property just because it got ruined by a storm or two. At least this time, they can remake it with some weather-proofing, like maybe going for concrete homes instead of wooden ones.


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