Thursday, June 20, 2013


First mate's loop log dated 6192013

We are presently in the Catskills having travelled up the dirty, fast flowing, wide and deep Hudson River from New York City. We passed a place called World's End which happens to be the deepest place of the Hudson River. Our depth gauge read 178 feet.I read that there is even a greater depth somewhere close by.
We spent a fun couple of days in New York City seeing the sites by open top double decker bus. Besides being side swiped by a couple of trees, the trip was interesting and informative.
        Yours truly with the Manhattan Skyline, not from the double decker bus!!!
                                        The captain in Times Square.
                                                   Times Square.
                                              Empire State Building.
                                              A very pretty scene.
 The new World Trade Center, one of four buildings built or being built as a memorial to 911.
                                                     The United Nations.
                                           Grand Central Park.
In the camera shop with salesman trying to persuade me to buy the fisheye lens (he did).
 An interesting bridge on the Hudson. I thought the ironwork was quite attractive but found out from Gary that the bridge was being built prior to the depression and the company ran out of money. They were unable to complete the bridge. The iron what you see in the photo should have been covered with granite.
               A very dull, thundery, misty day with low clouds on the hills.
 West Point, the American Army Officers' College. We were very disappointed not to be able to visit it. Since 911 the boat dock has been closed to visitors. We may stop up river and hire a car to go back and see it.

This was an interesting site in the middle of the Hudson River - Bannerman Castle on Pollipel Island. The island was purchased by Scotsman Francis Bannerman in 1900/1901 to be used as a military surplus warehouse (Bannerman bought weapons from the Spanish). You cannot visit by private boat but can by using a private company. The castle is in ruins, the last collapse happened in 2009. It still made for a wondrous looking site.
We are now in a marina at Catskill, New York. Gary is changing oil, transmission fluid etc while I am typing my blog. I am being used as the "gopher" - go for this, go for that.
An uneventful day for me - I did not get a free bath!!!



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