Saturday, June 16, 2018


Finally, we have reached my favourite National Park, Yellowstone. We were here 30 years ago with our son, David and both sets of parents so we have very fond memories of this park.
I have taken upwards of 800 photos whilst in the park for 4 days so what I thought I would do is to publish my favourite photos with a few captions. The park is that diverse it was a difficult job to choose which photos that I wanted to publish so I hope you like the ones I have chosen.
Animals of Yellowstone:

                                                          My favourite photo.
Unfortunately, the only moose we saw was-

No bears either.

                                      Old Faithful blows approximately every 91 minutes.

Thermal pools:

Flowers of Yellowstone:


                                                 Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
                                         Some of the devastation left by the fires of 1988.

           Gary stood in snow wearing shorts and short sleeve shirt in temperatures of 42 degrees.
                                                Gary lost in the steam of a thermal pond.

I hope you have enjoyed my photos. We really had a good time even though the weather was very cold for the first 2 days. The next two days were bright, sunny and warm.

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