Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Today, we are in the Teton National Park which is adjacent to Yellowstone. Our weather is cloudy and cool so it makes for a disappointing day. Nothing special happened in the Tetons so I will just show you some of my photographs.

 The above photo shows a close up of a disappearing glacier due to the warmer climate.
                                                          A distant shot of the glacier.

The windows of the lodge were perfectly placed so that you could see the three peaks through each of the windows.

The above photo shows Gary holding a moose's antlers and he was quite surprised by the weight of them.

The arch above is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and is made up of fallen antlers collected each spring after the snow has abated. There are 4 sets of arches each at the corner of the town square.
After the Tetons we journeyed to Glacier National Park in Montana. Again, the weather was against us- cool and cloudy. We had to make the most of the weather as we had come this far. The photos are not as good as I would like due to the poor lighting.

I thought the above photo was interesting because the cloud formation above the mountain was creating a dusting of snow on the mountain top. The snow did not reach the valley below.

 A closeup of the flowers in the above photo is shown in the photo below. I do not know the name of them.

                                                                 A pronghorn.
One of the best occurrences that happened in Glacier National Park was the spotting of a brown bear about 200 feet from the car. I took many photos of him/her and show here the best ones.

As I have mentioned, the days at Glacier were cold and cloudy. The park had organized tours in red buses with open tops. Everyone on the bus was wrapped up to the nines in their winter gear due to the cold weather.

Gosh, I am nearly up to date with my blog so bear with me whilst I waffle on a little more. We have journeyed 2 days (800 miles plus) to get to Bend, Oregon in the hopes of reaching Crater Lake tomorrow. On the way to Bend we stopped the night in Spokane, Washington and met with Gary's cousin, Laurel. It was a nice meeting as we had not seen her for over 25 years. Prior to meeting Laurel we visited a botanical garden in Spokane. We visited the garden 2 years ago prior to going into Canada and were very impressed with it. Even though it was earlier in the year than our last visit, the garden was still lovely to see and being free, was even nicer.

For those of you who know me, you know I like to photograph reflections so I just had to take the above photo of Gary. I wanted to give him something to "reflect " upon!!!
That's all for now folks.

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