Monday, August 15, 2016

We are having a fantastic time in the National Parks of the Rockies of Canada. We have visited 6 out of seven of them: Glacier, Banff, Revelstokes, Yoho, Kootenay and Jasper. Days are warm and nights are cool which makes for good sleeping weather. We have heard from our son that Maryland is very hot and humid so I am even more pleased we are here.
This may be a boring blog because I do not have much to say. I do have LOTS of photos to share with you which I hope you will enjoy.

I thought the above photo was interesting. I do not know what caused the hole in the ice but there appeared from ground level to be quite a deep chasm in the ice.




The above photo is looking down into the 150 foot deep canyon. We thought a more appropriate name for the canyon should be gorge.


Well, you are probably photographed out so I will end with one more -

The above photo was taken from the door of a ladies' bathroom/toilet. When I saw this I thought what on earth could the restaurant have called the mens' toilet. Find out in my next blog.

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