Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Now where did I leave off? I know, with the sign on the mens' toilets.
I did not come up with that as a sign for mens' restroom. The one I came up with would probably have been censured.
We have had such a lovely time in Canada and Washington I could spend many hours telling you about it so I have selected what I think are the highlights.
Dog walking in Canada takes on a whole different meaning-
We saw two sets of rainbows but could not find the pot of gold. I think the pot of gold was the wonderful scenery and people we have met along the way.

The Canadians appreciate the attraction of wild animals and unfortunately their death due to car accidents so they have built cross-overs and underpasses along the busiest of highways. Certain animals prefer the overpass whilst the others prefer to go underneath.
As you can see, the overpass even has trees and shrubs on it to make it more natural for the animals and to make them feel secure and less afraid. I did not get a photo of an underpass.
We spent most of the trip following a railway line. The line had to go through spiral tunnels to reduce the slope up or down the mountain. The train would enter the tunnel and then pass over itself on its way to a higher or lower level. The tunnels were 3/4 mile long and the trains would perform a 280 degree circle within the tunnel. This occurred near the Continental Divide.

What would blog be without pictures of animals? I have resisted so far. Let's start with mule deer-
This was a deer picture!! followed by a bear. This was a bear to get!!!

I was a little sheepish getting the next photo.

I was kidding around when I photographed the goat!!
Finally, a photo to crow about!!

I couldn't think of any puns for the above two birds, sorry.
I got the seal of approval for the next photo:

I'm fawning over the next photo. He was so cute but I could not get any closer without scaring him away. His antlers looked really velvety.
OK, enough of the bad puns. The next photo is of Gary and furry friends-
We never saw a real mountie but we did see the black bear.
The next photo gave me a giggle-

What do parents do after 7pm, eat other parents' children.
We have visited several nice gardens on our travels. Here are a few photos from some of them.



Yesterday, we visited the Microsoft Visitor Centre in Redmond, Washington and were quite disappointed with what they had to exhibit. We were looking forward to reading about the history of Microsoft but were told very little about the course of the mega company and, Bill Gates was not there to greet us. Gary had his photo taken with the initial founders of Microsoft (he wishes).

I forgot to mention how when we were in Canada we went to what the travel brochures called "Paint Pots". They described it as water bubbling from the ground in an ochre colour due to the iron in the soil. Well, both Gary and I imagined it to be similar to "Paint Pots" we had seen in Yellowstone park so willingly went for a hike to see an amazing sight. Wrong, all it was was water coming from a submerged stream staining the ground a rust colour due to the iron. The hike was not worth it.

Yesterday evening we met with Gary's maternal cousin, Susan whom we had not seen for over 20 years. All of us did not look a day older!!! Tonight, we met with my best friend's sister, Pam and her family. It was so nice to catch up on all the news with both of the meetings.
Well, I am coming to an end of my blog. Both Canada and Washington were wonderful, showing us scenery, gardens, glaciers we had never dreamed of. The weather was most kind ranging from the low 70s to the middle 90s but without the humidity. We had very little rain and when we did we were in the car driving. One day we saw the rain ahead of us but luckily it went by us without dropping a single drop of rain on us.

So, I hope you have enjoyed our travels as much as we have. My huge thanks go out to dear Gary who has done all the driving because I do not see as much when I am driving and he knows I like to take photos as we drive. So, thank you Gary. I love you.

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