Saturday, March 29, 2014

Panama City to Apalachicola

Our deck hand, Jerrold left us in Panama City to drive me to Atlanta so that I could fly home to help David. Prior to leaving he agreed to swab the decks as payment for his trip with us (only joking). He did a great job and we were sad to lose such a knowledgeable companion.

                              Jerrold, throwing water to swab the deck.

We visited with an "old" colleague of Gary's that he had not seen for 30 years, Bill G. All of us did not look a day older!!!
On the way back to the boat we passed the Air Force Armament Museum, which being a Sunday was closed. However, there were lots of 'planes to be seen surrounding the museum.
The SR71, Blackbird. This plane has always fascinated me. I remember when it flew from New York to England, it took just over one hour. Boy, would I like to have been on board.  
 This airplane, the B-47 Stratojet, interested me as it has 6 engines, one pair of engines and a single engine on each side. I had never seen that before.
This is the Canberra as the British know it, the B57 as the American's know it. It was so low to the ground it looked as though it's belly would scrape on the runway. 
We visited the Gulf Seashore on our way back to the boat. I have never seen such lovely white, fine sand. And the water was so clear but cool, unfortunately.

Back at Panama City, we paid up and left the shelter of the marina. I noticed that one of the stores in the marina's corridor was marked Captain Gary so just had to take a photo of my captain standing against "his" door.
As we pulled out of the marina, I noticed a very large, pretty jelly fish in the water. I do not think I would like him for a swim pal.
We had a smooth journey from Panama City to Apalachicola, Florida. At times, the water was so still, you could not tell the reflection from the object being photographed.
I am back in pelican country so just had to take a photo of them. When I was home in the UK my father said to me "you take a lot of bird photos, don't you?" Well Dad, here is another one just for you.
I am still blond cum grey. I am wondering whether I should have my hair cut really short to reveal only the grey or wait until the grey is longer. I think I will wait unless the weather turns really warm.
We arrived in Apalachicola three days ago just prior to storms hitting. We spent 2 nights in the safety of the harbour whilst rain and thunderstorms hit the Gulf Coast. I came down with a nasty sinus infection (I bet I got it from the people around me on the airplane!!) so took to my bed for a day. I am still not 100% as it has left me with an even worse cough than before.


Kingston Rover Loop Map

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