Saturday, March 29, 2014

Going east

After a two week break to our son's I am back on the boat. I had to make a quick trip to Virginia whilst Gary was left to do odd jobs on the boat. I, of course left him my "honey do" list. Did my requests get seen to, no? I can tell where I stand in the pecking order.
Whilst at David's we had 8" of snow. I borrowed a pair of David's boots and went for a walk in the park behind his house. I was the first person to walk in the snow so left my foot prints for all to see. The snow was very powdery so did not make good snow balls.Because his boots were too big, the snow went down inside the boots and made my feet quite cold so I returned home stepping in my own foot prints.

Another day we had a terrific rainstorm which produced a wonderful rainbow. I took some photos but they did not do it justice. 

I returned to Gary and the boat yesterday after a very eventful journey. I arrived at the airport on Saturday, signed in at the computer and was asked to "swipe" my passport. Hmm, I thought, I am only going to Florida so signed out the computer and started again. The same request appeared again, when it hit me. Gary had booked my flight to Panama City, Panama not Panama City, Florida. I was told by the airline agent it would cost $800 to correct the error. That was more that I paid for my round trip so I grimaced. She then suggested I talk to an agent at Delta (I was flying with American Airlines) where I might get a cheaper flight. I toddled off to Delta and was told they could do me a flight for $354. However, the agent asked me how old Gary was. Sixty two, I said. He then told me to call Gary and have Gary call American Airlines and pretend that he was computer illiterate and had made a mistake in booking my flight (it was a mistake, I think,  hmmmm maybe not now I think of it!!!!!)
The agent said Gary should be able to get me a cheaper flight. It took 30 mins for Gary to get me a cheaper flight that left at 5:45am the next day. I called David, who was taking a nap and waited an hour at the airport to get him to answer his telephone. He then drove back for me and I spent the night with him and his friends (he was having a get together with his dodge ball friends). I learn how to play "Beer Pong" and won the game for David and I.
I/we got up at 3:30am and drove to Ronald Reagan Airport in down town Washington, D.C. I said goodbye to David and signed in at the computer (again). Well, would you believe it they did not have a reservation for me. I had no reservation number so was at the mercy of the agent. Well, to cut a long story short, they found me a seat on both planes and off I went.
The first plane backed out of the ramp and stopped. The pilot came on and said he could not steer the plane because the ground crew had forgotten to throw a switch. So, we waited 15 mins for the crew to come back, flip the switch and off we went. My new seat was at the very back of the plane next to the toilets and did not recline. Sitting behind me in the galley was a flight attendant who coughed and sneezed the whole flight. Yuk, I thought, I am going to get her cold.
On the next plane from Charlotte, North Carolina the plane was delayed due to mechanical problems. Here we go again, I thought. We were 45 mins late taking off and I had an aisle seat this time instead of a window seat. The lady sitting next to me asked me if I would mind changing seats so she could sit across from her husband at the other side of the aisle. Yippee, now I have my window seat. I noticed that the lady was giving off body heat and thought "my she is very warm". After we took off she pressed the call bell and told the flight attendant she was feeling ill and reached for the "little white bag". Oh no, that is all I need, I thought. Luckily, she was not ill on the flight thank-goodness as that is something I do not tolerate well at all. Now, I am going to get some dreadful disease!!!!
So, as you can see it has been an eventful two weeks and interesting journey back to the boat. I should be able to start doing a proper blog in about a week depending on what we see and what we do.

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