Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I wonder if trouble is brewing for us in Milwaukee - oh no - it is beer not trouble. We have spent two nights in Milwaukee and plan to leave tomorrow, Monday, 23rd September.
There is quite a lot to see here but with not having a car makes most places too far away for us. However, we did cycle 10 miles round trip to see "The Domes". These are glass domes enclosing a desert, tropical and show landscape. Unfortunately, the tropical landscape was closed for refurbishing. The show landscape had a nice display of "Mums" along with memorabilia from the 50s, records, and a '55 or '56 Chevvy.
                                        Inside the dome looking out.    
                                         Inside dome looking upwards.

For the "record", I thought this was a good photo of my darling, Gary. Some of you may have to explain to your children what a record is/was.

This is one of those photos that you would not normally take unless you look closer at the plant. The leaves were in a spiral creating a pinwheel like effect.
                                    This shot really "spiked" my interest.              

When we returned to the boat we saw many kites being flown along the waterfront. Some of them were huge. Being a "Peter Pan" (I never seem to grow up although I do have a shadow) or a Toys R US Kid, I bought myself a kite to fly behind the boat. I have always wanted to be a high flyer!!!

As we biked along the waterfront we saw this schooner setting sail. She never did raise her topsails, which I would liked to have seen.
The bike path also took us by the art museum building which had a quite unique design.
I cannot imagine this in the drawing board stage.

We were planning on seeing the the Caterpillar Machine and Mining Museum whilst in Milwaukee but Gary decided he wanted to get going on towards Chicago. He is hoping to meet up with his cousin, Skip and take her and her husband for a ride on the boat.

                                               Milwaukee skyline

We left Milwaukee early in the morning and were met again with rough waters. So, again I went downstairs and lay on my bed. After a rough 6 hour journey we arrived at Kenosha and stayed the night in a safe, protected marina. Again, salmon were jumping. I tried to get a photo by sitting patiently for at least 15 mins but all I could capture was the splash. Sorry, Dad.
                                       Harbour entrance to Kenosha

                                              The fish that wasn't.
Actually, we stayed two nights because of the winds so were able to tour Kenosha on our bicycles the next day. The city had one of the best war memorials to servicemen that I had ever seen. Each branch of the forces were honored in a very picturesque way.
We passed a restaurant very nicely decorated for fall with corn stalks propped up surrounding tree trunks. I thought that was a great idea for Halloween.
The city had a two mile trolley ride that you could take. Each of the trolley cars were antiques (which I guess they must be because trollies went out years ago).

We cycled along the waterfront to see how big the waves were and they were BIG. I took a photo as the waves ran along the foreshore wall but it did not show the height of the wave as much as I had hoped.
I continued to cycle along the waterfront as Gary visited a Civil War Museum. I passed two very nice beaches which must be very popular in the summer with nearby residents. However, you could see the beach erosion caused by the high waves of the last couple of weeks.
Returning to the marina I took the following shots.

                   I liked the above colours or should I say lack of colours.
                  This photo will help us "reflect" on our stay at Kenosha.
                                            Don't worry, bee happy!                                
Next stop - Chicago.

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