Thursday, September 5, 2013

Canada 9

Here I go again whilst I have access to the internet. We are presently in a small town called Blind River trying to find out what is wrong with the loos and the starboard engine. Gary and I confessed to each other this morning that we were getting a bit sick of the boat having problems. It can be so disheartening. Ooh, I just thought of a new saying "When the toilets half full, make manure!!!!". Sorry, if that offends.
I want to share some more photos with you that I took in Kagawong. The first two are of a church called St John the Evangelist and it is right next door to the town dock. What made this church so interesting is it is built from different boat parts donated by it's congregation and various donors. For example, the bell came from a railway locomotive, outside on the front of the church above the vestibule is a ship's wheel which came from a pulp barge which sunk in the bay, the anchor over the memorial pulpit was donated by a man who used to be a light house keeper. Speaking of the pulpit or should I say typing of the pulpit, the pulpit itself is  constructed of the bow of a boat that sank in 1965 with the loss of 4 lives.
The town of Kagawong, voted one of Canada's most beautiful villages also boasts a waterfall about a mile from the town. It was an uphill walk but luckily the weather was cloudy and cool. The waterfall, "Bridal Veil Falls" allows you to swim in the pool or walk behind the falls. We did neither.
As you already know I am a bug, flower, sunset, sunrise, loon lover. On the way
to and from the waterfall I took several photos I want to share with you.

This is a photo of the seed of the milk weed plant. The plant is poisonous and only fed upon by the Monarch butterfly. The butterfly will winter in Mexico and it's descendants will travel to Canada and back in one year. I believe that great granddaughter will return to Mexico. I am not sure about great grandson.
We are now in a marina at Blind River in the NE corner of Georgian Bay.  We had a very rough day on the bay due to gale force winds so have taken shelter in a well protected marina. Yesterday, the weather was so calm it made the bay look like a mill pond (what does a mill pond look like?).
We passed a group of cormorants and I just had to take their photo even though I have hundreds already.
There was a lot of dew on the boat this am creating drips on the railing and spider's webs with "crystals" on the strands.

I even got a picture of a spider spinning her web. She had only 5 legs and one of them looked like it had pincers.

If you look at the drips closely you can see the meniscus on the bottom.

We passed two interesting sights on our journey to Blind River. One was a house built on a granite island attached to a separate island by a very long suspension bridge. We guessed the bridge to be approx 70 feet long. There was a young boy on the bridge when I took my photo. I do not think I would like to cross the bridge in a heavy wind.
We also passed the house below. We could not understand the design having so few windows as it had lovely views to observe.

Last but not least is my picture of a Bohemian Waxwing eating a berry. This was the first one I had ever seen. I have seen Cedar Waxwings before.
Well, I am now up to date, which means that you are too.

Kingston Rover Great Loop Map


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