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Canada 4

I  shall go back to where we visited before we left for Las Vegas. We were in the Thousand Islands shared by the US and Canada and decided to back track and visit Boldt Castle. Boldt Castle was started in 1900 by George Boldt for his beloved wife, Louise. Boldt was a rags to riches millionaire who helped establish the Waldorf Astoria in New York . (He makes very interesting reading, if you are interested in learning more about him). Unfortunately, Louise died just before the castle was to be completed in 1904 and Boldt authorised all work to be stopped. The castle was left for 70+ years and fell into decay. It was then taken over by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority who are still in the process of restoring it to its original splendour. The island was originally called Hart Island and Bolt changed it to Heart Island because of its shape. He added a pump house to one end of the island making the island even heart shaped. Flower beds were in the shapes of hearts.

Mr Boldt may have hired hundreds of workers to build his wife's dream castle but my hubby built me a 20 ft by 8ft greenhouse from scratch (not a kit) and I have worked in it. It was built with as much love as Mr Boldt's castle.
After leaving Heart Island we continued through a Thousand Islands many of which were inhabited. The houses ranged from luxury homes to summer homes.

 This one did not even have room for a picnic table outside.

This one had more than enough room for a picnic table. Several people purchased a large island and a smaller island close by and built a bridge to connect the two.
Gary and I decided at the current price of real estate we could afford this island for our "dream home".

After visiting the Thousand Islands we made our way to Peterborough where we left the boat for just over a week so that we could attend our nephew's wedding and baby's baptism in Las Vegas. We met up with David and planned to visit Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon after the wedding.
It was great meeting Brittany's family and seeing all of the Johneys together. Baby Wesley was adorable. We saw him for 3 days in a row and I do not think he cried more that 15 secs and that was because he wanted his bottle. He is only 2.5 months old and appears to be getting ready to cut a tooth. His little legs were so strong he could almost stand with you holding him very lightly under his arms. Wesley was ring bearer at his parents wedding and was carried by the Matron of Honour.
                                                The happy couple.
I thought this was great photo of the two brothers, Alan and Eric.
The happy couple with son, Wesley plus Grandfather (Galen) and great Grandparents, Czerna and Gene.

Three of the four cousins, David, Eric and Amanda. I promise you they were not drunk just goofing off and enjoying themselves.

 The wedding went perfectly followed by a nice reception. The happy couple are honeymooning in Disneyworld, Florida.
Four generations of Johneys - Gene (Great Granddad), Galen (Granddad), Alan (Dad) and Wesley.
 The proud parents - Alan and Brittany.

David, Gary and I spent an evening looking at the sights and sounds of Las Vegas. Boy, has it changed since I was there 20+ years ago. For one thing, hotels are no longer cheap, neither are meals.

This is a wonderful fountain display set to music at the Bellagio. They played Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas" and it was great.

David and I had a great time in Vegas. However, poor Gary came down with a very nasty upper respiratory infection requiring him to take antibiotics. He was ill for about 4 days which spoiled a lot of our trip back to the US.
We visited Hoover Dam very quickly one evening when returning from a trip. The water level was significantly lower than it was when I last visited. The area that is white around the lake is where the water level has dropped.
                                    A dam good photo, don't you think???
A couple of interesting tidbits:
- the temp in Las Vegas was 107 degrees one day with low humidity
- trailers can pull 2 additional trailers. How do they parallel park them? I have    trouble parallel parking my car. I believe that only certain states allow this type of haulage.
I shall finish here. Because it has been a while since I have blogged I have a lot to tell you. Watch for the next installment soon.

 Kingston Rover Great Loop Map

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