Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Canada 3

It has been a while since my last blog so here goes.
We have visited Kingston, Ontario home of Fort Henry where the British expected to fight the Americans but it never happened. We saw another light show on the side of the fort accompanied by costumed "actors".

All of us enjoyed the show. so much so, we returned the next day to see the fort in daylight and spent the whole day there. The "soldiers" demonstrated marching and I have never seen a better display anywhere else.

I was surprised at the comfort the men stayed in. The men serving at the fort never saw war with the Americans. They earned one pound a day, 6 pounds per week which was more than I earned in 1967 at Mallorys. I think I need to talk to my "old" boss, don't you? However, out of the wages came their clothing, food and board and they were left with very little (same as me after the Tax man and my Mum had took their money!!!). I still love you, Mum!!
This was where the officers ate their meals. If they had of gone to war, all of this would have been packed up and taken with them and set-up at the battle site exactly the same as it was in the fort. Gee, the hardship!!
This was the cutest scene with the camp "Commandant" instructing "recruits" on how to march. The children, some of whom were too young to know their lefts from their rights bumped into each, turned the wrong way and got yelled at loudly by the Commandant. I do not know how he managed to keep a straight face. It brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.
We said goodbye to our friend Alan who kindly treated us to a nice meal at an Irish Pub in Kingston. We all had lamb (sorry, Linda) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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