Sunday, March 31, 2013


We are making our slow journey up north to Titusville. The weather has been very cool but I expect no sympathy from our friends and relatives in the north and in the UK. There is not much to tell you so I will share some photos I have taken which I thought might be conversation pieces.

I thought this was pretty. The purple climbing plant is called bougainvillea and it only grows in warm climates. The only time I have seen it in Maryland was as an indoor plant at one of David's friends. It was growing in their sun room and was probably over 8 feet tall.

Mrs Osprey refused to leave her nest to show me her chicks. Boy, did she keep an eye on me. I was stood on the roof of the boat to take this photo.

The next two may be difficult to see because they are a little dark. Both houses have very high hedge fences on either side. I would guess they were at least 15 feet. They must have a very large hedge trimmer!!

A view of Palm Beach.

Street lights also went up and down with the bridge.

Another view of Palm Beach. The famous golf course must be on the ocean side as we never did see it on the Intra Coastal Waterway side.

Moving house!!

Paradise found!!!

David would like this boat. It had its own tiki bar and water slide.

Another lovely home with bougainvillea.

Me, practicing my night shots.
We spent last night at  Pine Island

Will stay tonight at Eau Gallie Yacht Basin  as we are running low on water, will stop at a marina to refill, perhaps also get some other supplies.

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  1. I think tiki boat does beat out church barge. Now if somehow we could put the two together, I think there would be a great business plan for a wedding/reception service.