Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Heading north

I thought I would try and keep up to date with the blog and not leave as much time in between them.

We stayed last night in a creek off the Intra Coastal Waterway in Hollywood, birthplace of a great friend of Gary's, Chuck. However, we did not see any "Chuck was born here" signs. Sorry, Chuck!!

Today, was a travelling day along a large canal with lots of beautiful homes (many millions of dollars some of them) and huge boats. I took some photos of the homes and boats just to show you them. We even saw a very large ship made for carrying boats to the islands in the Caribbean. What was surprising was the amount of houses for sale. I guessed 1 in 10 but that may have been generous. If David had been with us he could have researched some of the sale prices. I look at these homes and wonder how they are furnished inside.

One of the boats we saw had a helicopter pad on the back of it. It was  moored beside one of the biggest boats we saw. We did see a boat for sale which was air conditioned and had its own inground pool. We think you could have got quite a cheap price for it!!

The boat with the helicopter on it is behind the rather large boat.

Hmmm, now which one shall I choose.

Going cheap, any takers. May need some work!!!

Oh my, do I buy the house or the boat!!!
This one reminds me of the homes in Tuscany, Italy because of the cypress trees.

This one looks just like the home my Mum and Dad just sold - NOT!!!

 I have not taken many photos of wildlife today but I did take a photo of a distant frigatebird.  He has the largest wing span in proportion to body weight of any bird and can soar for hours often dipping down to the surface to pick up fish from the water. They lay only one egg and during courting the male inflates a bright red throat pouch to attract his mate. Frigatebirds never alight on the ground or water due to their short legs and narrow wings making it difficult to take off except from a height, such as the limb of a tree or a rock. The photo is not very good, I'm afraid but he was nice to see as they only live in the Florida mangroves.

FYI: Did you know there is no such thing as a seagull? There are different types of gulls but not seagulls.

I did get a bit of a laugh when I saw a Tow Boat US getting towed. We actually have Tow Boat insurance because if we did not have it it would cost us over $1000.00 to be towed (that was what was quoted when our 21 foot boat broke down so heaven knows how much it would be for the Kingston Rover). We have actually used the service once since leaving Maryland.
Anybody want to buy a floating church? This one was for sale.
We passed through Miami yesterday. Not too much to see except tall buildings, buildings being built and cruise ships.

I had to "crane" my neck to take this photo. I do not think I could work up there on the top floor as I am not too keen on heights.

OK, last photo of the day is of a bridge in Boynton Beach. The bridge looked as though it should have been in Disneyland.

We stayed the night within 5 mins of the bridge. Near Ocean Avenue Bridge

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