Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 14th, 2013

We are still stuck in the marina but have now had the generator fixed. All we are waiting for now is the return of the engine to the dinghy and we are on the road or should I say water again.

I have been asked an interesting question about how I cook on the boat. Well, I purchased a used 2 burner electric grill which works better than the propane burners that came with the boat (I cannot get the propane stove to work). I also make great use of my crock pot especially when we are on the move. McCormick have several seasonings for crock pots so I have brought them with me. The biggest problem in the galley (my, I really am becoming a boating gal!!) is the lighting which is very poor. My microwave is quite low down and I sometimes have to use a flashlight/torch to see the controls. The first time I cooked fried eggs in the microwave I forgot to break the yolks so the eggs exploded knocking the cover I had over them off and distributing egg yolk all over my microwave. Gary had scrambled eggs for breakfast that day and I had the job of cleaning up my microwave.

We have done very little sightseeing but I have driven myself to a wildlife sanctuary. I went for sunset and sunrise. For those of you who know me well since retiring I do not rise early. So, having to get up before 6 to drive to the refuge in the dark and fog was not quite my cup of tea. Unfortunately, there were no birds taking off en mass, in fact there were very few birds to be seen. What was nice was hearing the dawn chorus and the wonderful sense of being alone with nature (Gary stayed at home in his warm bed!!). Sunrise was disappointing because of the fog and the mist hung around for quite a while. Now, sunset was spectacular. However, still very few birds to be seen.

Today, after Gary has over hauled my bicycle we are going to visit a heritage center to learn more about Florida and it's early history. We have yet to visit St Augustine, where America was first settled. I have heard that it is well worth visiting.

We did not visit the heritage sight. Instead, we went for a bike ride together. This is the first time in 12 years I have been on a bicycle. I had forgotten how uncomfortable the seat/saddle can be.  On leaving the marina we came across a wild fire on the embankment next to the road. It measured approx 5 sq ft. We tried to find something to beat it with but could not find anything long enough to keep us away from the fire. A man passed us in his truck so I asked him to call 911/999 and ask for the fire department. By now the fire was spreading quickly. The managers of the marina arrived with fire extinguishers and managed to douse the fire which was now approx 20' x 20'. Luckily, no-one was hurt and the fire was contained. We think it may have been started by someone throwing a cigarette out of their car window.

Last night (Sunday) we had a magnificent sunset. I took many photos which really did not do it justice.


Today was laundry, shopping day. I did the laundry at the Laundromat and then went shopping whilst Gary tidied up the boat ready for my return. The plan was upon my return I would clean the floors, countertops etc in preparation for our leaving the marina on Wednesday. When I got back to the boat Gary had made a good job of tidying it up for me. If he had not made a good job I would have told him he needed more practice and could clean it next week. However, because he did a good job I complimented him and said because he did such a good job he could do it next time also!! How is that for women's logic?

I thought today I would end with a saying I saw in the restaurant we ate at last night - "Good men are like parking spots, there are not many around and those that are left are handicapped". Sorry, guys that just tickled my funny bone.

Oh, I have included what I think was a humerous/humerus photo.  If I transfer them correctly it should be the last one I display. I hope you get a giggle out of it.

Gary may be right, it seems to be easier to blog daily rather than weekly. Howevetr, I am not going to let him know that.

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  1. Great manatee pictures. When will Gary wrestle one of those alligators?? Beautiful job with the sunset pictures!