Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 10, 2013

We are sailing, we are sailing - NOT.

We are still stuck in the marina at Astor due to a broken generator. We drove to Jacksonville yesterday (90  miles each way) to purchase a new one and the mechanic is now trying to put it back into the boat. So, maybe, just maybe we may be on the water within a few days.  When we left Astor the temperature was in the 70s so I donned shorts and sleeveless t shirt. That was not a good idea because Jacksonville is on the ocean and the ocean is always cooler than the temps inland. In fact, Jacksonville was very cool 64 degrees and quite foggy in places which meant I was very under dressed. In fact, I stood out like a sore thumb because everyone else was wearing jeans and long sleeved shirts. There was an author (female) signing books and she smiled sympathetically at me and said "you must be a tourist!!" Now, how do you think she realised that?

Because of boat problems we have done very little sight seeing but did manage to go and see many "many - e - tees" (manatees) on Saturday. Because manatees cannot exist in water of 60 degrees F or less they are  congregating at a spring not too far from where the boat is docked. The water in the spring, which gushes out 100,000,000 gallons per day at approx 73 degrees was so clear you could see both fish and manatee quite easily. We must have seen at least 50 of them, most of them with injuries to their hides from boat props. I took what I thought was an interesting photo of a close up of the manatee's hide. See what you think.

Today, it is a balmy, very humid 80 degrees. Combine that with my hot flashes and I am one very hot babe leaking from every pore in my body!!! In fact, I am typing this inside the boat with the air conditioner on set at 66 degrees.

I am hoping to visit Woodruff Lake Wildlife Refuge this afternoon to see the migrating birds return to their nightly roost. The refuge is supposed to have manatees and alligators, too. When we first arrived in Florida the waterways would have warnings to keep dogs away from the water's edge due to alligators.
Does that mean alligators do not like to eat cats??? Are they just partial to dogs? If the refuge is worth visiting I will go back for sunrise tomorrow morning to see the birds leave.      

OK, let's get this thing published before I lose it.

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