Monday, February 19, 2018

La Paz Waterfall Garden

Well, we are off to see some of the beautiful country side. We are headed to Grecia where we have booked 3 nights stay in a bed and breakfast. When we arrived we were met by Ronaldo, the owner of the B & B and luckily he spoke very good English. The B & B was set in a very beautiful, private setting and breakfast every morning was to be outside in the warm air.

Gary was delighted with the place as there was a swimming pool and he enjoys a good swim. Me, I need the water to be at least 80 degrees before I would even think about sticking my toe in! We changed into our swim suits and headed down to the pool. I let Gary go in first so that he could tell me the temperature of the water. He shivered when he got in and that was enough for me to know I was not going into the pool.

As you can see, the pool was not what Gary was expecting. We guestimated it to be 9 feet across and 
approx 9 feet long not including the area where you entered the pool. So laps were out so Gary just floated backwards and forwards.
Saturday, we decided to visit La Paz Waterfall Gardens which was about 50 kilometers from the B & B. The gardens were near to the Paos Volcano which unfortunately have been closed to the public since last year due to an eruption.
We left Garcia in bright sunshine and drove into the rain forest and it was as good as its name, it rained all day which was a shame because the waterfalls could have been quite picturesque in the sunshine. Gary was dressed in short sleeve shirt and shorts and I had on jeans and a short sleeved top. Luckily, I had taken a hooded jacket with me as Gary had to buy a poncho to keep himself dry.

In the reception area to the falls was a beautiful live flower arrangement.

At the entrance to the gardens was a lovely wood carving of various animals native to Costs Rica.

Before touring the gardens I decided to visit the lady's room. It was the loveliest restroom room I have ever visited and I just had to take a photo of the fresh flowers decorating the sinks. The "ball" to the right of the sink is the faucet and you twisted it to turn on the water that came down the shute and into the bowl.
 Gary said the men's room was equally as nice.
The Waterfall gardens had several attractions in addition to the waterfalls. There was a butterfly garden with some lovely plants for the butterflies to feed on.

There also was an area where the pupae were kept and there were several emerging butterflies.

The garden also had a big cat exhibit.

To get to the big cat exhibit you had to walk through the hummingbird garden. There were many hummingbirds but they were difficult to photograph because of the speed at which they fly. I took my best photos while they were feeding.

There was also an orchid garden to be visited but unfortunately most of the flowers were not in bloom.  There was one orchid that I liked.
Before taking the trail to the waterfall we decided to visit the tree frog exhibition. They had various types of frogs including the poisonous dart frog so called because at one time the poison was used on the tips of arrows.

 After lunch we had to make the decision whether or not to take the trail down to the waterfalls as it was still raining and I was beginning to get wet because my jacket was not waterproof. We decided we had to do the trail as we would probably not be back in the area again.

Well, so ends a rainy but exciting day at the La Paz Waterfall Gardens.

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