Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Everglades, here we come!

After a lovely 5 day stay in Naples we are now on our way to the Everglades (one of my favourite places in the US). I have been told that I have used up over 75% of my monthly allotment of data due to all the photos I am downloading. Therefore, this is a written blog and I will only publish extra special photos until 3rd May when I get back my monthly allowance.
I had to eat humble pie the other day. I have been showing Gary how to tie certain knots (remembered from my Girl Guide/Scout days) - wow, over 45 years ago - where did the time go to? Anyway, Gary has been very slow to learn and I became impatient with him last week so snatched a rope away from him and did the knot myself. I threw the rope to Gary, who was on a pier and lo and behold my knot gave way and the rope fell and sunk beneath the water. You should have seen Gary's face - he looked liked the cat that got the cream. You should have seen mine!!!! That was the last time I complained about Gary's knot making. I spent half an hour that afternoon throwing a grappling tool tied (very well) to a rope into the water and dragging it backwards and forwards. Gary said I would never recover the rope but I did. I had to brag to him but as he said if I had tied a good knot originally I would not have had to go "fishing" for my rope. Several people stopped to ask me what I was doing and were disappointed with my reply. I think they thought I had a new way of catching mullet!!!
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Naples. I took over 300 photos. Thank-goodness I have a digital camera otherwise we would be bankrupt from developing all my films. Naples was a very exclusive resort. Many, many beautiful, expensive homes. The town had a 5th Avenue and it matched the one in New York as it was full of expensive shops, lovely side walk restaurants and lots of people. I got to shop at Walmart instead of shopping on 5th Avenue!!! 
Our friend, Alan is joining us on the 29th May and will stay with us until 15th June. We are looking forward to his visit.
We will be out of touch with all forms of communication when we enter the Everglades so I will not be able to do my blog. I hope to be back on line at the beginning of next week (minus photos).
So, have a great week.

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