Saturday, January 18, 2014

Back in Mississippi

We are back on the boat after a very nice trip to Florida with a diversion to Georgia to see our friends Jim and Trudy. Prior to leaving, we had very cold weather and the water around the boat got a coating of ice on it.
 Even the water in the woods had a thin slither of ice on it.

 We had a lovely two day stay with our friends and enjoyed a walk around their property. We saw what was left of a cotton crop.

This is a photo of the seed contained within the cotton boll. I would love to have seen the cotton gin that separates the seed from the cotton, maybe on our next visit to Jim and Trudy. Trudy is a self taught oil painter and will paint pictures from photos for you. If you would like to see some of her work, here is her web site:
I also took a photo of a reflection we saw on our walkabout:
We had a good drive from Georgia to Florida where we met David who was going to run his first marathon. We had rented a very nice house so we had a comfortable home to return home to after a busy day.
There were 23,000 people running the marathon - old, young adults (not children), fat people, thin people, people dressed in costumes. David completed the race with very sore feet and knees. He ran through 4 Disney Parks - Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios (the old MGM). At each park there were Disney characters ready to have their photos taken with the runners. I think David must have had his photo taken with all of them. The next photo is of the entrance to Disney World. Please note the time on the clock - 6:30AM - and I had eaten a cooked breakfast.

David waving goodbye when leaving us to go to the starting point of the race.
David on the teletron entering the ESPN Wide World of Sports stadium.
David after completing the marathon with his medal and knees iced.
The following photos are of runners dressed in costume:
 There were several men dressed as Tinkerbell - hmmmm!! I guess only real men can dress as a fairy!!
This man was awesome - sorry I mean Incredible!!
There must be a clause against wearing this costume!!
This man dribbled the two balls for the full 26.2 miles - he must be a basket case!!!
There was something fishy about this next photo!!
Guess who is the "Beauty" and the "Beast" in this photo.
Gary and I were SO proud of David. Neither of us are runners or have ever been a runner. I was always a big disappointment to my PE teachers in High School as I would not run for anything. I did play field hockey but was a full back and relied on my arm strength to hit the ball (my nickname was Hercules!!).
David wearing his Marathon Shirt with Disney Characters.
Well, if you have 23,000 runners and each runner has at least 2 supporters, a lot of loos are needed -
and a lot of loos there were. This was just one area, there were many others.
Well, I will stop here as I have a lot more to tell you about our Florida Trip. So as Arnold says "I'll be baaacck".

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  1. Hi Margaret, Your photos are fantastic as always. Glad to hear ya'll are safely back on the boat. Stay Warm!!! Jim