Friday, April 19, 2013

We are now in North Carolina having spent the night near Wrightsville. We were quite a distance from the Atlantic Ocean but we could hear the waves crashing onto the beach all night. In the morning when we looked at the map we found out that we were near a town called Surf City  Near Surf City Bridge . No wonder we could hear the waves.

The cat continues to do well, still sleeps 95% of the day. She does make us laugh though. When one of us leaves the first mate's seat within seconds she is in it, curled up and ready for her siesta. Yesterday, she tried to get in behind me just as I lifted my bottom off the seat. Talk about you snooze, you loose.

Not much is happening except yesterday afternoon we had a thrill, no, not that kind of thrill!!!! Gary was driving the boat and I was reading downstairs when he called to me to tell me to bring my camera and come upstairs quietly. Because I am an obedient wife, always doing what my husband tells me!!! I came up with camera in hand. Lo and behold on the back of the boat sitting on the dinghy enjoying the ride was a pelican. He stayed there for at least 15 mins, did not mind me taking his photo and seemed quite at ease.

I was amazed that it looked like he had a finger nail at the end of his beak.

Gary took another photo of another hitch hiker. This time it was a grackle sitting at the front of the boat on the anchor. You can just see it in the photo next to the rope. Gary said he stayed there for about 2 mins. I am beginning to think we should charge these passengers. Although I do not want them to leave any "tips".

I also took a photo of a house that caught my attention. If I was a manly man and wanted to bring my friends home to have a drink and play poker, I am not sure I would like to bring them to this house!!!

Even the pier was painted purple.

We had a nice sunrise this morning. After getting bitten so badly the other day by "no-see ums" I lathered myself in bug cream, wore a jacket and Gary's sweatpants so the little b-----s could not bite me.

After leaving our anchorage and getting back into the ICW we saw 4 dolphins (2 pairs, Linda!). I rushed out with my camera but again was unable to capture a decent photo of them. One of the dolphins approached the boat, swam along side of it and then underneath to pop out at the other side. He then proceeded to do the same thing on the other side of the boat. He must have swam around the boat about 3 times before leaving us. The water was so clear you could see him clearly under the surface of the water.

Today, we saw two types of osprey - the feathered kind and the mechanical kind. The bird again would not leave her nest to reveal her chicks. She really glowered at me with her beautiful yellow eyes. What good, protective mothers they are.

The mechanical kind was the airplane which had taken off from Camp Lejeune. We were suprised by how long the propellers are. This airplane is built for vertical take offs by tilting both the engine and props upwards and then lowering them once in the air.. They have not had a very good safety record in the past but lately have not had any disastrous incidents.

 Tonight as we passed Morehead City we unfortunately passed a boat that had run aground on a sand bank. The channel we have to follow is exceedingly narrow and the water outside of the channel can be as little as 6" deep. As we got closer to the grounded boat, a Tow Boat came to its assistance. The two men on the grounded boat got off and walked to the Tow Boat for the rope showing that they were in water that was very shallow. It looked funny to see someone walking ankle deep in water beside a boat.

We had a nice lunch at a restaurant to give me a break from cooking and us both a change of scenery. As we pulled into the restaurant's dock we noticed it was for the handicapped. We have never seen handicapped slips on the water before.
The next photo we need help with as we do not know what it was. We thought it might be a weird looking house but it had no windows. Any suggestions?

Gary and I have been amazed at how adjusted we have become to the warmer weather. We have had temps in the low 70s and we have been cool. It has also been very interesting to see the arrival of spring as we venture north. The further north we get, the less we see of the azaleas flowering, trees budding. I am curious to see if my daffodils have finished blooming at home.

It is getting dark and it is time to find an anchorage for the night. We are hoping to go into Back Creek Back Creek.

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