Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We are back!

Monday, 26th February.

Well, after spending 20 days in Titusville getting the boat fixed, we are finally on our way. We left Titusville last Monday afternoon, travelled/traveled across Lake Okeechobee and spent 3 nights in Englewood. We picked up David in Tampa on Saturday and are now in Sarasota.
Yesterday, we had temps in the 80s and David enjoyed sunning himself on the front of the boat whilst his parents worked and drove the boat. Today, we have 70s and rain so no sun bathing for him today.
The boat has gone well except for problems with the port impeller. Luckily, Gary and I were able to fix it. Just before David arrived the loo/toilet became blocked so that was a job we had to deal with quickly. Gary was able to unblock it prior to David arriving. The only other problem at the moment is the bathroom sink  will not hold water when you want it to. As that is not a major problem as we have a shower, we have not yet tried to fix that. Do you get the feeling that this boat trip is one long boat repair?
Because of being in the marina so long I really do not have too much to say so today I thought I would give you a quiz. I am going to download some photos of birds and I want you to guess what they are. I will end with some of my favourite/favorite photos. OK, when you read this you will realize/realise that some of my favourite/favorite photos are amongst the photos of the birds. Sorry about that.

"Ave" you seen a photo like this before?

What a heron-dous photo!!

Aren't they coot?

A grackle taking a bath

Bye baby ??

One of my favorites.

A -----ful of sugar...

I will give you the answers in the next blog. Good luck.


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